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Power Sustainability

R&D Innovations

  • Utility Scale 500kW Power Storage Unit , Utility Scale 2MW Power Storage Unit, Utility Scale 5 MW Power Storage Unit
  • EV Charging infrastructure is currently under development, the system is a level 4 Charging Station with multiple load outputs and this technology is using our specialized DC storage technologies
  • The system can output an unlimited amount of power depending on the size of the project, a client can purchase as many 500 KW power storage units (PSU’S), 2MW power storage units (PSU’S) and 5 MW power storage units (PSU’S) as they need for any given project
    • Proprietary DC Energy Storage Technology : A normal lithium ion battery has a lifespan of 400-1200 cycles. With our modifications, this specialized DC storage battery will reach up to 60,000 cycles. This battery will also be much more resistant to constant charge and discharge during high level power storage. These specialized DC storage batteries will also keep their small size as opposed to larger nickel-metal hydride and vanadium flow DC storage technologies
  • Integrated Hybrid Inverter for 3 power inputs ( Solar,Wind,Hydro)
  • Integration / Redesign of Hybrid Inverter for an efficient Hybrid System of required scale
  • IEC 61850 based RTU for Generation and Microgrids Management
  • Microgrid Technology
  • Cloud based Automation and Analytics Platform
    • Market
      • Medium Scale Solar – Wind Hybrid systems is key requirement of remote / unconnected areas, and with correct sizing of plants (2 – 12MW), such plants can provide the best fit solution for such requirements
    • Benefits
      • The target market will have around the clock electricity with hybrid model which is not possible with Solar and even with Wind Standalone systems
      • The system can also be integrated into a Hydro-Electric Power generation system
      • With correct technology and use of RTUs we will provide efficient and safer electrical destitution system
      • Prepaid metering system allow operators to safe cash flow
    • Competitive Advantage
      • Our Clean-Energy system is versatile and will be enabled to use Solar power, Wind power and Hydro-Electric power all under one integrated Micro-Grid system. This integrated Smart Grid will be controlled by a cloud based automation system
      • All the complete integrated solution for complete / total plant under one roof
      • Medium size plants are presently not fully commercialized
      • Solar – Wind – Hydro hybrid with Microgrids is a new concept
      • Cloud based complete platform for operation and management of the plant shall allow efficient and reliable system


Smart-Grid System

  • The system is an open source platform for design and integration. Using this method, Hydro-Electric or Wave power systems can be integrated into our Solar-Wind Smart Grid System as a single platform
  • We are using a topology with a multipurpose dc-dc converter with boosted half bridge cells in series –parallel connections. Generally, the isolated step up dc-dc converters are used in UPS, hybrid plants, photo-voltaic cells. We opted for multipurpose dc- dc converter because it is less complex with better efficiency and reduced current rating. The converter will be connected to a low voltage input side of the power supply and circuits. In addition, we will be using a pulse width modulated inverter, which will be integrated with the converter. It will supply synchronized current to the grid. To get maximum output, an adopted Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) system will be used

Our system for clean technology is a hybrid system that has the capabilities to use Solar power, Wind power and Hydro-power. The main system is controlled by a central server station. The system will be enabled to control and monitor how much power is being used, where the power is being stored and what power units are distributing power. The power output can be increased or decreased, the system will calculate the efficiency and the different output power separately for the solar RTU, wind RTU and Hydro distribution system RTU. This way collective data can be monitored for each part of the smart grid,  the operation can be tweaked through the Remote Terminal Units and the main control server to have the Smart Grid system operating at optimal levels, the system will adjust and operate as efficiently as possible during specific weather conditions (examples: very sunny and hot, very windy, faster water current, slower water current )

  • The system will implement smart metering
  • Will boast a highly efficient system
  • You can control virtually the whole system through the main server
  • System will adjust for specific weather conditions to operate as efficiently as possible (give the option to the user to adjust the operation of the system based on the current weather conditions to have the system working at optimal performance)
  • The RTU (Remote Terminal Units) will be connected with the Solar machine, Wind machine and Hydro-Electric system
    • RTU  will acquire data from all locations, data will be transferred from the machine gateways back to the main server station.
    • Data from the cloud installation from the machines will send data back to the remote terminal unit. Data collected here will be used for the system to be adjusted to operate at optimal performance.

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